Our Call

Pastor Dimetra Barrios

Brooklyn is the only home we’ve ever known. Growing up in Bed-Stuy and Bushwick neighborhoods that looked much different from the Brooklyn of today, our dreams once centered around moving far away. But as we found God in this bustling city within a city, we felt His call to see our borough through His eyes, and to see its people as His people. It has been our personal experience that God loves without limit, and now it is our personal mission to turn around and share that love with the world.

We believe that the charge to go and make disciples of all nations starts at home, and our part of that Great Commission begins with living out the legacy of Jesus Christ in Brooklyn, New York. He became flesh to walk alongside people like us, and it is our goal to walk alongside one another in Brooklyn, unified in community, bringing together our vast diversities for the singular glory of God. It is our desire to see every life changed by the power of the Gospel.

He changed our story. Will you invite Him to change yours?


Dimetra Barrios | Lead Pastor